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Behind the Collection

Dr. Sara Lourie


Seahorses are fascinating creatures, but how did so many of them end up at the Redpath Museum? Dr. Sara Lourie is a former research associate and lecturer for the Redpath Museum. She is responsible for collecting and identifying many of the seahorses in the Redpath Museum's collection, some of which have been featured in this exhibit. 


Dr. Lourie is also a research associate and long-term partner with Project Seahorse, an international marine organization committed to the conservation of seahorses. Dr. Lourie has done incredible work on the science of seahorses. She has written an identification guide for several new seahorse species, including four of the smallest known species in the world. She has also authored a number of books, guides, and articles on seahorse taxonomy, preservation and conservation. Dr. Lourie's seahorse identification guide, Seahorses - A Life Size Guide to Every Species, has been the major inspiration for the creation of this digital exhibit.